Terms and Conditions

360 Driver Training is a Limited Company and all our driving Instructors are self-employed, meaning all our Instructors are trading under the brand 360 Driver Training Ltd. All New Customers to 360 Driver Training are required to pre-pay for their first driving lesson. After completion of your first lesson with your assigned instructor, please ask your instructor what methods of payment they accept.

All bookings and payments are made directly to your Driving Instructor (from this 1st lesson, your contract is with the individual Driving Instructor following the terms and conditions laid out below, and on the terms and conditions document you will sign when you log in to the Total Drive app issued by 360 Driver Training Ltd).


  • 360 Driver Training instructors are franchised under the brand of 360 Driver Training LTD, they are not employed, the terms and conditions issued to all instructors are from 360 Driver Training Ltd Head office signing of all terms and conditions contracts is also acceptable to the additional terms laid out on 360 Driver Training Ltd’s website.
  •  360 Driver Training Ltd and its instructors are all franchisee’s. This means they are classed as 3rd party and trade under the Brand of 360 Driver Training Ltd. All pupil’s personal data and their records are stored and secure. And are all compliant with all Data protection and GDPR laws.
  •  Upon the initial booking of your first driving lesson, customers have 24 hrs to make payment, failure to do so will result in cancellation of the lesson at instructors’ discretion.
  •  Upon completing Prepayment directly to your instructor for your first lesson, this automatically becomes an electronic confirmation of agreement to 360 Driver Training Ltd terms and conditions laid out on our website and our terms and conditions contracts. This applies to ALL clients, whereby any parents/partner/friend/employer/family member or relative make the pre-payment/ deposit on behalf of the client who will be learning to drive.
  •  It is a Legal Requirement for all candidates wanting to learn to drive must have in their possession a provisional or full UK driver’s license. Lessons cannot be undertaken if the candidate does not possess a provisional license or full UK driver’s license as this is a criminal offence. All candidates must present their license to their driving instructor upon first driving lesson as well as their national insurance, this is to access their electronic counterpart on their license, to confirm their identity. Any candidate who can not or doesn’t produce their license and national insurance number on their first driving lesson will be charged for that lesson.
  •  Failure to produce your license during your first lesson to your instructor will result in the cancellation of your first lesson, and being charged in full.
  •  Each lesson booked will last for the period of two hours from when the instructor arrives at the pupil/client’s address on the pre-arranged/booked appointment time.
  • The pupil may be permitted to use the training car for their driving test, only if the driving instructor is satisfied that the pupil is at the required standard. The Length of time required for a test is 2.5 hours or 3.5hrs for extended tests. The test fee is a separate price, due to the use of the car for test and training before test time. See prices for further information.
  •  Payment for the lessons are due within 72hours of making a lesson booking with your driving instructor. Failure to do so results in your booking being removed.
  •  All customers are required to pay in advance for each lesson booking or block booking.
  •  During your first driving lesson ask your instructor what method of payment they accept.
  •  The pupil must not be under the influence of any Alcohol, Drugs or Medication which may affect their driving. If so this will result in the lesson being canceled and full payment being made to the instructor.
  •  The pupil agrees to the terms and conditions above and below, this being recognised by paying for the driving lessons at the present rates included in our price list.
  •  Block booking are non-refundable and non-transferable to another instructor.
  •  Block bookings must be purchased with your driving instructor if you are having more than 1 x 2hr lessons per week. Should you choose not to, the instructor will only be able to accommodate 1 x 2 hr lesson per week.
  •  If the pupil wishes to cancel their instructor through the course of a block booking they relinquish their block booking course payment, which is non-refundable and non-transferable, to a different instructor.
  • Block booking/pre-paid lessons must be taken within a 90-day period of payment, if not, the pupil relinquishes the right to take these paid lessons.
  •  What happens if my driving instructor leaves 360 Driver Training Ltd and goes on his/her own? If this happens, the instructor will be issued with a document that you will need to sign in triplicate as will they. By you signing this document after your instructor has read it to you will permit for you to allow him/her to retain your Personal details and continue training with them from their leaving date on wards, it will also state, that any issues that arise with you and your instructor from their leaving date on wards is an issue between yourselves, and has no reflection, affiliation or link to360 Driver Training Ltd. You will be given a signed copy, as will the instructor, and a copy will be sent to Head office all before your instructors leaving date.

    If however, you wish to stay with 360 Driver Training Ltd and move to a different instructor when your current instructor leaves and you have opted out of signing a release form, your current instructor will not retain your details and they will have destroyed all forms of information on you, the client, by their leaving date. This includes name, address, postcode, contact number, and driving records, as well as all email and texts too. This makes 360 Driver Training and its Instructors fully compliant with data protection and GDPR laws surround an instructor leaving 360 Driver Training Ltd.

    If a driving instructor does retain your details, then they themselves are in breach of the law. As 360 Driver Training has been fully compliant in data protection and GDPR law practise.

Strict cancellation policy

  • Pupils must ensure that TWO CLEAR WORKING DAYS is given to their Instructor for cancellation or rearrangement of weekly lessons.


  •  Working days are Monday to Friday inclusive.


  •  If Cancellation is made within the two working day period e.g. less than forty-eight hours notice, then the pupil will be charged for the full amount of the lesson booked.


  • Client will need to prepay for rebooking their next lesson after cancellation.


  •  If a candidate fails to declare to the instructor that they do not possess a provisional licence or full UK drivers licence, and the lesson is cancelled within forty-eight hours of the lesson commencing, by the driving instructor, will result in the lesson being charged in full.


  •  If a client fails to turn up to a driving lesson and gives no notice via phone, that lesson will be charged in full.


  •  If a client fails to meet the instructor of the scheduled booked lesson, that time will be deducted from the remaining duration of your lesson/Course and you will be charged in full for your booked appointment. Please remember, you, the Client are paying for the instructor to teach you to learn to drive, and are reserving specific start and finish time’s in the instructors scheduled working diary.


  •  Where the instructor may arrive slightly late for a lesson due to circumstances beyond his/her control, the instructor will make efforts to extend the finish time off the lesson by the same amount of time or add the time on to a future lesson.


  •  The pupil must not be under the influence of any alcohol, drugs or medication which may affect their driving. If a pupil is suspected of being under the influence the instructor reserves the right for his/her safety and that of other road users to cancel the lesson. In doing so the lesson cancelled will be charged at the full rate of the hours booked. Payment is to be made to the instructor.