with 360 Driver Training

If you’re considering a career change or retraining, becoming a driving instructor might be on your mind. Whether you’re seeking fresh opportunities or have been made redundant, exploring a career in driving tuition could be the right move.

360 Driver Training is a reputable driving school based in Hertfordshire. With over 10 years of experience, they’ve built a team of dedicated professional instructors who are committed to helping everyone succeed on the road. They focus on teaching safe and effective driving techniques, ensuring their students become confident and lifelong safe drivers.

Why become a driving instructor?

Independence: As a driving instructor, you’ll enjoy the freedom of being your own boss.

Stability: Unlike many jobs, there’s no threat of redundancy in this field. People will always need to learn how to drive.

Quick Returns: You’ll see a fast return on your training investment.

Flexible Earnings: Driving instruction offers fantastic flexible earnings, allowing you to support your family without waiting for your next payday.

Work-Life Balance: Enjoy flexibility to fit work around your family life.

Retirement: No forced early retirement – you can keep teaching as long as you’d like.

Supportive Environment: Benefit from a supportive office and instructors available 24/7.

Job Satisfaction: Helping people from all walks of life succeed can be incredibly rewarding.

Career Progression: If desired, there’s room for career growth.

Work at Your Own Pace: Set your own hours without the pressure of targets.


At 360 Driver Training, we tailor our courses to meet your individual needs and requirements. Whether you need basic training or more extensive instruction, you can always discuss your progress with your trainer. For detailed pricing information on our basic courses, please refer to the next section.

As a company, we prioritise offering the best value for our candidates. All our training is provided on a pay-as-you-go basis. We believe that in-car practical training on a one-to-one basis is the most effective way to maximise your learning, provide ample feedback, and help you succeed in qualifying. Unlike national driving schools that offer cheap training deals or virtual training with book-based resources, we ensure our courses adequately prepare you. Despite our comprehensive approach, we remain a family-run business committed to providing affordable training for all our trainees and instructors.

At 360 Driver Training, we firmly believe that hands-on, real-world in-car training and face-to-face sessions are crucial to your success as a driving instructor. Over the years, our successful candidates have demonstrated that our methods in ADI training are highly effective in helping you achieve your goal of becoming a fully qualified ADI.

The only upfront cost required is for the course materials, including books for your Part 1, 2, and 3 training, and your DBS check, which is conducted through the DVSA and is the only check they recognise.

DBS Check: To ensure compliance, your DBS check must be completed through the government website or at the post office. Click here to start your application. The Post Office charges £6.00 to verify your application, which is not charged by BubbLe Driving School.

Theory Test Pro: This app is an excellent resource for both learners and ADIs. It offers feedback, mock testing, revision tools, study areas. This app is free supplied and paid for by us.

Training Books and Materials: Priced at £145, we will order all necessary books for your training. We source these materials from a specific company, and they align with our current teaching syllabus, which boasts a 100% success rate for our ADI candidates.

Training Sessions: Our training sessions are offered at £50.00 per hour on a pay-as-you-go basis, with a minimum requirement of 2-hour sessions. Remember, you are not just learning to drive; you are training to become a qualified instructor who teaches others how to drive.

DVSA Test Fees and Badge Costs:

  • Part 1 Test Fee: £81.00 (charged directly by the DVSA)
  • Part 2 Test Fee: £111.00 (charged directly by the DVSA)
  • Part 3 Test Fee: £111.00 (charged directly by the DVSA)
  • Optional PDI Badge (Pink Badge, Earn as You Learn) Application: £140

We understand you may have many questions as you begin your journey to becoming an Advanced Driving Instructor (ADI). Below you will find answers to some common questions. For more information, please contact us here. A detailed breakdown of the exams is also provided below.

Please Note: The current basic training cost does not cover the following:

  • Any corrective driving sessions required to pass your Part 2 Practical Driving Test or Part 3 Test if you need more than the minimum legal requirement of 40 hours.
  • Your application for the PDI Badge (Pink Badge, referred to as “earn as you learn”).
  • The mandatory 20 hours of teaching sessions while holding the Pink Badge.
  • Any additional training sessions you may need.
  • Test fees for Parts 1, 2, and 3, which are paid directly to the DVSA.
  • The ADI Badge issuance upon qualification.


Additional Training Requirements: While the hours mentioned are the minimum legal requirements, PDI candidates may need extra training to address any corrective driving habits or issues.


Comprehensive Training Package

Included in the Training Package:

  • Free 2-hour driving assessment
  • Training books for Part 1, 2, and 3 instructing and driving
  • Theory Test Pro
  • DBS check
  • Mandatory 40 hours of recorded training for Part 3 (charged at £50.00 per hour)
  • Test fees for Parts 1, 2, and 3, paid directly to the DVSA


We offer a pay-as-you-go model throughout the training process. To support you during these challenging times, we only charge 50% of the training cost upfront, with the remaining 50% due when you begin teaching and earning.

While it is possible to pass using the basic requirements, this route is extremely challenging and demands significant self-learning, often resulting in multiple test attempts due to insufficient training. In contrast, the PDI Badge route (“earn as you learn”) is the most successful training pathway, providing more experience and support. This includes one-on-one in-car tuition, in-depth reports, reviews, and feedback from your dedicated ADI trainer, who will also observe some of your lessons.

Additional Costs Not Included in the Basic Training Package:

  • Any corrective driving sessions needed to pass your Part 2 Practical Driving Test (this may range from a few hours to 10+ hours)
  • Application fee for the Pink Badge (PDI) payable to the DVSA
  • Mandatory 20 hours of teaching sessions while holding the Pink Badge
  • Any extra training sessions you may require

For detailed information on test fees, please see the Test Fees section.